Get rid of calluses using these effective home remedies

    Get rid of calluses using these effective home remedies

    May 21, 2023, 10:15 pm
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    Try these easy and natural home remedies

    Do you have those thick and hard formations of skin on your palms, fingertips, or feet? Well, they are called calluses which can occur due to excessive pressure or rubbing on the area.

    Although usually painless, they can be pretty uncomfortable.

    However, the best part is that you can get rid of them using some natural and home remedies. Here are some.

    Baking soda is a home remedy that pretty much heals most skin issues including calluses, thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

    It is also used as a natural scrub that effectively removes dead skin cells.

    Get some warm water and add a reasonable amount of baking soda to it. Soak the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes.

    Garlic has antioxidants that fight various skin infections. In the case of calluses, it is known to offer quick healing and relief.

    All you have to do is, prepare a fresh paste of garlic and apply it over the calluses.

    Once done, cover it with a clean piece of cloth and leave it overnight. Wash it the following morning and repeat if needed.

    Yes, even pineapple can come to your rescue in helping you get rid of calluses.

    For it to work, cut a small piece of its peel, place it directly over the affected region, and then tie it with a bandage.

    Allow it to stay there overnight and remove the bandage the next morning. Once done, apply some coconut oil to the region.

    Lemon is another fantastic and inexpensive remedy that can help you in this case.

    Place a small piece of lemon peel on your callus and then secure it with a bandage. Let it work overnight before you finally replace it with another peel in the morning.

    Do this until your callus disappears naturally.

    If not, you can also apply lemon juice at regular intervals.

    Onions are loaded with powerful acids and nutrients that can come in handy to offer you respite from calluses.

    It softens the hard skin and slowly flakes off the dead layers of skin.

    Wondering how to get started? Well, simply apply some onion juice to the affected area and cover it with a piece of cloth for two days.

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