Samsung Won’t Switch To Bing As Default Search Engine, To Continue With Google: Report

    Author: Vikas Yadav
    Sat, 20 May 2023 11:05 AM (IST)

    AMID media reports of Samsung considering Bing as its default search engine, Wall Street Journal on Friday suggested otherwise. Citing sources, the news outlet claimed that Google would remain the default choice on the South Korean giant’s smartphones.

    The internal review to explore Microsoft’s Bing as an alternative to Google on Samsung’s web browser stands suspended, Reuters, citing WSJ wrote.

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    A large portion of the cash flow earned by search engine providers pours from smartphone makers such as Apple and Xiaomi. Search leader Google collects around $3 billion in annual revenue via the Samsung deal, New York Times reported on April 16.

    Switching search engines would not have caused substantial trouble as a sizeable number of users do not look up to Samsung’s browsing app. But now the smartphone maker is ‘backing away’ because of the possible repercussions it could have on the Google-Samsung association and market’s perception, citing WSJ, The Verge said.

    However, it adds that Samsung is not “permanently closing the door” for Bing as a default pick. This could imply a change of mind in the future.

    Meanwhile, a piece of similar news first made headlines last month when reports of Samsung planning to swipe its search engine priorities from Google to Microsoft Bing gained the limelight. Following the reports, Google’s share fell by around 3 per cent.

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    Reuter’s requests to the search leader and Samsung for a reaction were unanswered. Microsoft refused to comment.

    On the other hand, to stay relevant in these AI dynamics, Google showcased a host of artificial intelligence products and features at I/O 2023. The new announcements include upgraded Search capabilities, opening Bard for wide access and PaLM 2 model, among others.

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