PTI announces support for JI candidate in Karachi mayor polls – Pakistan

    The PTI on Saturday announced its support for the Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) candidate in the upcoming election for the Karachi mayor’s slot.

    The PTI announced the decision on Twitter, further alleging that the PPP — a top contender in the mayoral election — had been involved in pre-poll rigging and kidnapping of local government representatives.

    The announcement comes amid talks between the two parties for the formation of the upcoming city and town councils and with JI Karachi chief Hafiz Naeemur Rehman — who is also his party’s nominee for the mayor’s post — maintaining that the total number of seats required to establish a local government in the city and win the election of Karachi mayor was 184, whereas the total seats of the JI would reach 191 after coalition with the PTI.

    His assessment was based on the results of local government elections in Sindh, in which the PPP had initially emerged as the winner in Karachi following the polling exercise on January 15, grabbing 93 seats, while the JI had bagged 86 seats and the PTI 40.

    However, revised results in March that excluded 31 union councils brought the PPP and the JI neck and neck in the race for the mayor’s post, with the former having won 84 UCs and the latter 82.

    Constitution and said, “JI would not cry about its powers but will work. We will grab the powers if they (the PPP) don’t give them to us.”

    He expressed his confidence that the people of Karachi would stand with the JI when they would witness the party serving the people.

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