Amazing Cycle Trick Caught on 77 Cameras, Internet Goes Crazy

    Watch: Amazing Cycle Trick Caught on 77 Cameras, Internet Goes Crazy

    Tim Hofel is a BMX rider from Germany.

    An expert BMX rider named Tim Hofel recently posted a video that was captured by 70 cameras, resulting in a spectacular film with numerous angles.

    The rider shared a glimpse of the video with a caption: “That day, when 77 cameras made a shot of me at the same time!”

    Watch the video:

    The video has received over 1 million views and also 1 million likes on Instagram, with several people discussing the creativity of the video. Many users had questions about the method and how cameras were used in it due to their conflicting reactions to it.

    Bicycle motocross, sometimes known as BMX, is a cycling activity that is done on BMX bikes, either for recreational purposes on the street or off-road or in professional BMX racing.

    “Does it really need 77 cameras for a shot? I mean, a single cam fixed over a sliding gauge can also give the same effect,” wrote one user.

    “Where do I have this done? I think my back flip in a wheelchair would look sick like this,” another user wrote.

    “Instead of those 77 cameras, use just one Instagram 360,” commented a third user.

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