Top 5 GTA Online cars with anime liveries in 2023

    Rockstar Games loves to integrate real-life brands and pop-culture references in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise in some shape or form. The inclusion of anime, which is a genre of Japanese animated TV shows, is a great example of this trend. Rockstar has their own iteration of in-game anime shows, which debuted as a web-based program in Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Interestingly, those who are fans of both Grand Theft Auto Online and anime have the option of decorating their in-game cars with anime-themed liveries. That said, this luxury is available in a select few vehicles. Here are the top five GTA Online cars with anime liveries in 2023

    Karin Futo GTX and four other GTA Online cars with anime liveries in 2023

    5) Annis ZR350

    The Annis ZR350 is one of the many JDM cars in GTA Online. It falls under the Sports Tuner Cars category and can hit a top speed of 117.50 mph or 189.10 km/h. Players can purchase this vehicle from the Legendary Motorsport website for $1,615,000 or a Trade Price of $1,211,250.

    Owners of the Annis ZR350 have the option of applying a Princess Robot Bubblegum livery to it for $24,510 from any Los Santos Customs outlet. While it doesn’t cover the base colors, the livery looks decent enough on the 1992-2002 Mazda RX-7 (FD) inspired car.

    4) Karin Sultan RS

    Despite having rather ordinary looks, the Karin Sultan RS is a high-performance Super Car in GTA Online. Its design combines real-life cars like the Lexus IS, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, and the Subaru Impreza. For a meager $38,700, the entire vehicle can be draped in a Princess Robot Bubblegum livery, rendering the entire car pink, purple, and blue with images of the character itself on the front and sides.

    Those interested need to get the base Karin Sultan first for $12,000 and then upgrade it to the Sultan RS for an additional $795,000. It is a relatively fast car in this price range, as it can achieve a top speed of 117.25 mph or 188.70 km/h.

    3) Karin Futo GTX

    One of the best drift cars in GTA Online is the Karin Futo GTX. It boasts a compact build inspired by the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 and features a Rear-Wheel-Drive train. While its tires have decent traction, they can be exchanged for Low Grip Tires at the LS Car Meet for $500 to enhance its drifting capabilities.

    However, its visual aesthetics can be upgraded by applying the exclusive Itasha Drift anime livery for $27,930. To unlock it, players need to level up their LS Car Meet rank to 147. The car is available for $1,590,000 with an unlockable Trade Price of $1,192,500.

    2) Karin S95

    The Karin S95 falls under the Sports Cars category in the game and is inspired by the Toyota GT86’s design in real-life. It is listed on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website for $1,995,000 and qualifies for HSW performance upgrades. While its base top speed of 115.50 mph or 185.88 km/h is quite slow, it can climb to 155.50 mph or 250.25 km/h post upgradation.

    Like many other vehicles on this list, players can apply an anime-themed livery to it based on Princess Robot Bubblegum in GTA Online for $25,650. This drapes the car in pink and blue hues all over.

    1) Declasse Scramjet

    The Declasse Scramjet is one of the many weaponized cars in GTA Online, which borrows its design from the 1960s Anime series Speed Racer, the Mach 5, and the Alfa Romeo 33/2 Coupé Speciale. Besides its anime-based design, the Scramjet also features a Princess Robot Bubblegum livery, purchasable for $25,650.

    In terms of performance, this weaponized Super Car can hit a great top speed of 137.00 mph or 220.48 km/h, shoot Homing Missiles and jump vertically. Those interested can buy the Declasse Scramjet for $4,000,000 from Warstock Cache and Carry.

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