Kitu Gidwani: Now roles are being designed for senior actors too | Web Series

    Actor Kitu Gidwani says that senior actors, like her, are being noticed and thought of while designing projects and that is definitely a big thing.

    Kitu Gidwani

    “There was a time when senior artistes were made to sit home due to no work or were offered negligible roles. Thankfully, things are changing swiftly. Getting to play defunct or blink-and-miss characters is passe. Today roles are being designed for us too, all thanks to OTT platform where all actors are considered to be an asset to the script,” says the actor.

    If not for the web space, Gidwani feels she wouldn’t have got to play the characters she once wanted to. “Essaying roles that bring along some excitement and edginess at this age is something we all want. The Western entertainment industry has been doing it for a long time but thankfully here too things are transforming. As the content and stories are revolutionising so is the role building. When I was offered to play a plain-Jane detective and share screen with yesteryear’s diva Zeenat Amaan in Margaon the Closed File, it was like a dream come true. It wouldn’t have been possible until few years back to work with such a fabulous cast and crew.”

    Gidwani for now wants to focus on work only and feels TV can be taxing at times but still worth it.

    “If you are getting to do considerable work then no qualms. Like for my ongoing TV daily Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum, I sometime have to drive for three and half hours to Umbergaon for a 12-hour shoot and then drive back but trust me the thrill to be on the set keeps me all pepped up.”

    On a concluding note, the actor (55) talks about the importance of keeping fit. “It’s never too late to take that one step towards keeping fit and looking fab. I turned vegan ten years ago and switched to ghar ka khana while on shoot. Rest, I am a gym buff and train exceptionally hard to be in a good shape,” says Gidwani.


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