Is Google Bard available? When will they launch it?

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    Is Google Bard available? When will they launch it? – Shiva Shanmugam, Mumbai

    Unfortunately, Google Bard has yet to be made available to the public. However, Pichai states they are testing Bard with a small set of “trusted testers.”

    They have decided to use the Bard AI to obtain conversational responses. It is anticipated to be released in February 2023.

    Can AI ever be environmentally sustainable? How can it be used in climate change? – Vijayan, Chennai

    When applied correctly, AI can be a game-changer in the fight against global warming. By 2050, self-driving automobiles equipped with artificial intelligence might cut emissions by half by taking the most direct routes. With the help of AI, farmers in India could reap a peanut crop that was 30 per cent greater than usual.

    By optimising the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources like solar and wind into the power grid, artificial intelligence technologies could also aid in designing more energy-efficient buildings.

    Can an AI feel pain? Is there a fully sentient AI? – Sunder Kala, Hyderabad

    Machines can’t feel anything right now. However, they can be designed to deceive humans by mimicking human feelings such as pain.” Scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore developed mini-brains a few years ago to let robots recognise pain and initiate self-repair.

    Several AI experts believe that sentient AI may not be viable right now since we need more infrastructure and a clear concept of consciousness.

    Does AI have human rights? Is it punishable? – Shylaja Singh, Gujarat

    AI are not living things, so even if they are smart enough to ask for rights, they shouldn’t get them. If we gave robots this kind of power, they would be able to work faster and better than humans, putting them ahead of us.

    AI punishment could have a general deterrent and expressive benefits, and it doesn’t have to run into problems like punishing more than what’s fair. But, in the end, punishing AI is not a good idea because it could be costly and require significant law changes.

    What is the role of AI in the newsroom? How is AI being used in journalism? – Bilal Saeed, Delhi

    Large language models like GPT-3 could change how newsrooms work by letting reporters use AI to write their stories. With these models, journalists can give the AI a few key points, and it will write a whole article for them, saving them time and improving their writing.

    Activities like transcribing interviews, sorting through hundreds and hundreds of leaked documents, sifting through reader comments, and writing the same story about the financial earnings of hundreds of companies every three months.

    What is the benefit of AI in agriculture? How is it used in agriculture? – Josephine Teresa, Kottayam

    Intelligent automation is made possible by AI, such as when drones photograph crops to calculate farm produce—early diagnosis of diseases, pests, and invasive plants. Drones and computer vision are used to prioritise integrated pest management strategies and quickly analyse field conditions.

    Precision agriculture, often known as artificial intelligence systems, is assisting in enhancing the overall quality and accuracy of harvests. AI technology aids in the detection of pests, plant diseases, and undernutrition in farms. Artificial intelligence (AI) sensors can identify and target weeds before deciding which herbicide to use.

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