Everything known about the Hotring Everon in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC: Performance, price, and more

    GTA Online’s latest Los Santos Drug Wars DLC update has added a magnificent collection of vehicles to the game. With fan favorites like the Tahoma Coupe and the Vigero ZX, it has proven resourceful for automobile enthusiasts.

    Players of the game highly anticipate the soon-to-be-released Karin Hotring Everon. It will be released as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

    This article will help players understand everything known about the highly-awaited four-wheeler.

    Hotring Everon: The newest addition to GTA Online


    Hotring Everon Trade Price – Place top 3 in 20 San Andreas Super Sport Series races

    The unreleased Hotring Everon will be available for $1,790,000 in GTA Online at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Once the stock truck is purchased from the dealership, players can request the Mechanic to deliver the car.

    The Hotring Everon can be sold for a resale price of $1,074,000 at Los Santos Customs. This is the sum of 60% of the original price of the car and 50% value of the total upgradation.

    A player will need $256,100 to upgrade the car fully.


    The following variables can describe the performance of any GTA Online vehicle:

    • Top speed
    • Acceleration
    • Braking, handling, and traction

    1) Top speed

    According to GTA Online in-game files, the top speed of the Hotring Everon is 161.45 km/h (100.32 mph). Once the car is released in the upcoming weeks, its tested top speed will be available from Broughy1322’s YouTube channel.

    2) Acceleration

    With a six-gear shift, the car has high acceleration, making it suitable for races. Although its high drag coefficient of 10.15 could be a hindrance.

    GTA Online players who tested some of the car’s performance found that initially, the Hotring Everon couldn’t catch up with another stock car, the Hotring Sabre. But close to the end of the test race, it accelerated immensely, winning over the Sabre by a few seconds.

    3) Braking, handling, and traction

    With its greater body mass of 1,565 kg, the Hotring Everon has good braking power. Handling isn’t excellent, but the wheels provided in the car give it better traction than most stock car trucks.


    The car’s design is primarily based on the real-life NASCAR motorcar, the 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro NASCAR, a two-seater with rear-wheel drive.

    The Everon has a unique side body and a simplistic rear portion. Its beauty comes from its sporty look and aerodynamic hood. The car features a bouncier suspension as it is accustomed to high-speed levels.

    Its windows, integrated with safety nets, are noticeable and featured in NASCAR cars. Despite the doors not having any handles, they open out just like any regular car.

    The Everon also has a flat panel on the front of the car embossed with the word “KARIN,” which is the vehicle’s make.

    It should be noted that the car’s body is susceptible to bullets. After upgrading the armor, it should withstand a single explosion from RPGs and other explosives.

    Given the available information that the GTA Online community and forums have about the Hotring Everon, it is a vehicle that every player would like to race with.

    Overall, it is a good racing car that truly reflects the excellence of the vehicle design team at Rockstar Games, which worked on so many unique cars in the latest Los Santos Drug Wars update.

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