Thailand’s Unique Black Noodles Goes Viral, Internet Reacts

    Watch: Thailand's Unique Black Noodles Goes Viral, Internet Reacts

    Some people stated that it seemed impossible to eat the dish.

    Strange food recipes became viral trends last year. Continuing the same, in one such instance, social media users have been stunned by Thailand’s “unique street food” at a time when we were still attempting to comprehend the weird food combinations or get over horrifying culinary trials.

    A video of a woman making pasta with black spaghetti in Thailand was posted on Instagram by page Our Collection. The woman can be seen placing the unusual black noodles in a pan. Then she sprinkles what looks like salt on them. She then starts frying it in a pan with vegetables and other ingredients. When the pasta is ready to be served, she thoroughly mixes it with all the other ingredients before putting it on a plate. 

    Watch the video below: 

    The video was captioned as, “UNIQUE Street Food of Thailand.” The video was shared on February 1 and since then it has amassed over five million views and one lakh likes. Many users pointed out that the spaghetti resembles the Marvel character ‘Venom’ and labelled the dish as “venom noodles.” Some people stated that it seemed impossible to eat the dish. Since the user included the location in the hashtag while posting the video, it is believed that the footage is from Bangkok. 

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    A user thought the noodles were actually worms. “I was waiting for the noodles to start crawling,” he added.

    “That’s Black squid ink pasta actually, looks yummy though,” commented another person.

    “Disgusting,” said another person.

    Another person added, “Clean delicious healthy.”

    “Desi Khana se sb se best (Desi food is the best),” remarked a person. 

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