How much can solo players earn from Street Dealers in GTA Online?

    With the most recent weekly update, Rockstar Games has finally released the Street Dealers side business in GTA Online. It is a part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, which was released on December 13, 2022. While the concept of the mission was present in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which was released in 2009, the current gameplay is slightly different, with multiple outcomes.

    Street Dealers are desperate for new hookups, lowly criminals are sticking up storefronts, rival gang’s Stash Houses are ripe to get ripped off, and dead drops are now being left in public areas.

    Capitalize on these new developments in GTA Online:

    Since it is a new addition to the game, there is very little information about the mission. While most players are aware that such a side hustle has been added to the game, the majority of them are unaware of how it works. This article provides a brief overview of Street Dealers and how much solo players can earn from them in GTA Online.

    Everything to know about the Street Dealers in GTA Online

    Street Dealers is a random event that occurs every day in GTA Online. These missions can be accessed while in free roam, and you can earn money by selling various in-game drugs. However, similar to other random events, they are hidden on the map and can only be triggered by approaching their spawn range.

    Rockstar Games has added 50 different spawn locations for the Street Dealers, and they change their spot every day. Each day, three dealers will spawn in three different areas. When you get within 500 meters of a dealer’s location, they will appear on the GTA Online map with a purple quote bubble. Approach the icon to engage in drug trading.

    Street Dealers are random NPCs from different gangs such as Vagos, Rednecks, Hippies, Ballas, Armenian Mob, The Lost MC, and The Families. They trade in weed, meth, cocaine, and acid. Although you can sell up to ten units of weed and acid, you can only sell one unit of cocaine and two units of meth.

    GTA Online players should also note that each dealer has a different listing price for each drug. While cocaine and meth have the highest single-unit price compared to weed and acid, the latter two can be sold in bulk, increasing overall profit to a comparable level.

    The following is a price distribution chart for all sellable drugs in the mission (source GTA Wiki):


    • Lowest single-unit price: $19,000
    • Highest single-unit price: $21,000
    • Profits: ~$20,000 per trade


    • Lowest single-unit price: $8,250
    • Highest single-unit price: $9,250
    • Profits: ~$17,500 per trade (two units)


    • Lowest single-unit price: $1,400
    • Highest single-unit price: $1,600
    • Profits: ~$15,000 per trade (ten units)


    • Lowest single-unit price: $1,385
    • Highest single-unit price: $1,585
    • Profits: ~$14,850 per trade (ten units)

    These drugs also have a chance of being listed as Premium Products. Any product sold as a premium will generate double profits. Cocaine has a 15% chance of being listed as a premium product, meth has a 20% chance, weed has a 30% chance, and acid has a 35% chance.

    To sell the drugs mentioned above, you must first own the businesses or have them sourced and stocked in Nightclub property storage. The Motorcycle Club businesses must be set up and under working conditions to be able to sell products from them to Street Dealers.

    GTA Online players can find all three dealers every day and trade with them to maximize profits.

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