How to make decorated pots in Minecraft 1.20

    Minecraft is a game where players can build and customize almost anything they can imagine. They can further decorate each structure as they see fit, adding many blocks that can tie together almost any room.

    Each new update adds new items to the game, and the most recent update, Minecraft 1.20 will add special decorated pots to Mojang’s sandbox title.

    While these pots are purely for decoration, they have near endless customization options. As a result, players will want to build as many different ones as they can.

    Minecraft guide for 1.20 update: How to use pottery shards to make decorated pots

    The 1.20 update will introduce quite a few fresh items and concepts into the game. Of course, players have access to the new sniffer mob, ancient seeds, plants, and even a Cherry Blossom biome. One of the more exciting additions to come to Minecraft will be archeology.

    Like it’s real life counterpart, players will need to search suspicious sand and use the brand new brush tool to find treasures, including pottery shards, which can be used to make new decorated pots.

    Here is everything Minecraft players need to know to get started making these interesting relics.

    1) Start by making a brush

    Players who wish to get started with making decorative pots will need to be equipped for the job. This will be done by creating the brand new brush tool. It can be done by combining three strings and two sticks at a crafting table.

    Once created, players can use it to brush different things. However, it’s primary use will be brushing away the suspicious sand blocks, which can be found nearby and inside desert temples.

    To use the brush in Minecraft, simply clear away dirt around the suspicious sand, and then use the tool on it to uncover items, such as the coveted pottery shards.

    2) Uncover the pottery shards

    Digging up pottery shards will let players construct the decorated pots (Image via Mojang)

    When brushing away the suspicious sand, players can find items such as sniffer eggs, diamonds, emeralds, and pottery shards. These shards are what they will need to collect to make the decorated pots.

    When they discover a shard, they will notice that each one has a specific symbol on it. There are many different ones present that showcase the history of Minecraft.

    To create a decorated pot, players must find and use four pottery shards and combine them at a crafting table.

    3) Creating custom decorated pots

    Each side of the decorated pot can be chosen by the player (Image via Mojang)

    Players will most likely discover many different symbols on their pottery shards. The good news is that while they do need four to create a decorated pot, all of them don’t need to have the same one.

    How it works is that gamers will need to put one shard each in the middle of the top, right, bottom, and middle row of the crafting table.

    If done correctly, they will be able to create a decorated pot with the symbol of each pottery shard used on the corresponding sides. This means that they will have decorated pots with four different symbols on them, or four of the same.

    Minecraft players can mix, match, and create their own designs! They can also create plain pots by using bricks in place of the pottery shards (or plain sides if they wish).

    No matter what they choose, moving the decorated pots is easy. To do so, they simply need to break it with a tool to get all the shards back, or break it with no tool in hand to pick the decorated pot up to place it elsewhere.

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