Woman removes her top on flight, tries to enter cockpit

    A bizarre incident took place on a flight to Russia when a woman removed her top and tried to enter the cockpit; video goes viral.

    In a bizarre incident that took place recently on a flight to Russia, a woman removed her top and tried to enter the cockpit. The clip of the same has surfaced online.

    The footage shows, a 49 years old woman named Anzhelika Moskvitina bit a male flight attendant who attempted to restrain her on an Aeroflot flight in Russia. She then allegedly locked herself in the bathroom and started smoking in the restroom when the plane was in turbulence.

    The lady was also accused of striping off her clothes during a trip from Stavropol to Moscow. She exposed her chest in front of other passengers which includes young children as well.

    On the captain’s orders, business class passengers had to help the crew to restrain her, and they forced her to keep her bra back on before constraining her in plastic handcuffs.

    The airline stated, “The woman, from Moscow, was in “inadequate condition” and “grossly violated the rules of conduct on board the aircraft.”

    Aeroflot emphasizes that this case once again demonstrates the critical need at the legislative level to toughen penalties for air rowdies, including the creation of a single blacklist of destructive passengers for all airlines. The lady has been informed that she has to face criminal charges.

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