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Pathaan Actor Deepika Padukone Spotted Flying Economy Class in IndiGo Flight: WATCH Video | Aviation News


Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone was recently spotted travelling in the economy class on an IndiGo flight, leaving her co-passengers and fans in shock. A video shared by one of the co-passenger on the flight shows Pathaan actor walking through the aisle with her bodyguard to go to the washroom in the front galley of the plane. The video also reveals the fact that co-passengers were not aware of the actor travelling in their flight and were left surprised after spotting the popular actor as she went past all the passengers to reach the washroom in the flight.

One of the passengers even called her name, but Deepika continued to move forward towards the gallery behind her bodyguard without reacting to her name. As seen in the video, Deepika is wearing a Neon Jacket and Cap along with glasses. The video of her travelling in the economy class on a flight has left the internet amused.

It’s not yet clear on which route she was travelling on the IndiGo flight, but as visible in the video, she is moving from the back of the aisle towards the front, revealing she was travelling economy class on the plane. Popular actors travelling in the economy class of flights is not a common sighting, especially on the domestic routes, where most superstars prefer taking private jets.

Recently a video of Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan travelling in the economy class of an IndiGo Jodhpur-Mumbai flight, went viral. However, unlike Deepika Padukone, Kartik Aaryan received a roaring applause from the passengers as many co-passengers took pictures and videos of Kartik. The actor seemed comfortable in the aisle seat and kept smiling for the passengers, as a few of them clicked selfie photos with him. 

The actor thanked everyone in response and greeted everyone saying, “So sweet of you”. The video of him travelling in the economy class of a flight is winning hearts on the internet.

Responding to it, a fan wrote in the comment section, “Very humble and down to earth person.” Another one said, “Yeh hai real actor.” “Most humble star in Bollywood who feels proud to be among his people’s,” commented someone else. 

IndiGo, the India’s largest airline with over 50 percent domestic market share in India.

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