Now spy balloons used by Russia? Ukraine says ‘objects’ flying over Kyiv | World News

    Russian “spy balloons” have been shot down over Kyiv, Ukrainian officials have said. Six balloons, which could have been carrying reconnaissance equipment, were spotted over the capital, Ukraine’s military administration said on Telegram as per Sky News.

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    However it did not specify when the spy balloons flew over Kyiv, although air alerts were issued in the city. Ukrainian air force spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat confirmed that air raid sirens had sounded in the capital due to balloons flying overhead.

    This comes as so-called spy balloons have made headlines in recent days after the US accused China of running a “high-altitude balloon programme” for intelligence gathering. On February 4, an American fighter jet shot down what it described as a Chinese spy balloon. China said the balloon was an unmanned weather airship that was accidentally blown off course and that the US overreacted by using an F-22 jet to bring down the object.

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    China also said that it will take measures against US entities related to the downing of a suspected Chinese spy balloon while the US has sanctioned six Chinese entities it said are linked to Beijing’s aerospace programs.

    “China firmly opposes this and will take countermeasures in accordance with the law against the relevant US entities that undermine China’s sovereignty and security,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said.

    China will “resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and its legitimate rights and interests,” he added.

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