Joe Biden to undergo medical checkup ahead of 2024 presidential bid. Here’s why | World News

    US president Joe Biden will complete a routine medical checkup, the White House informed promising to release the health report by the 80-year-old president’s doctor. The report was also released in 2021 after Joe Biden’s previous health check-up.

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    The health check-up comes ahead of Joe Biden’s expected bid for reelection in 2024. He is the oldest-ever US president. The report will also be scrutinized closely as the Republican 2024 campaign has already kicked off.

    Joe Biden had earlier suggested that he intends to run for the position again amid poor poll ratings, potentially face off his predecessor Donald Trump again who has already announced his candidacy.

    “That’s my intention, I think, but I haven’t made that decision firmly yet,” Joe Biden had said in an interview.

    Last medical checkup

    Joe Biden’s last checkup was on November 19, 2021 during which he underwent a complete examination, including a colonoscopy under general anesthesia, AFP reported. During the checkup, he transferred his powers for one hour and 25 minutes to US vice president Kamala Harris, making her the first woman in US history to hold the presidential prerogative.

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    Joe Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, had then said that Joe Biden is fit to carry out his presidential duties but also pointed to his stiffer gait, mild nerve condition affecting his feet and a frequent cough caused by gastroesophageal reflux.

    Age an issue?

    Joe Biden’s age has been attacked by the Republican opposition with some citing moments of confusion and slurred speech. Joe Biden’s potential opponent Donald Trump is 76. But Joe Biden said that Americans should judge him on his results, effectively saying age is just a number.

    “Watch me,” Joe Biden had said.

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