What Are The Best Options Available For Liver Cancer Treatment?

    Surgery Or Transplant? What Is The Best Liver Cancer Treatment?

    Written By Tavishi Dogra | Published : February 11, 2023 10:53 AM IST

    Liver cancer can be primary liver cancer or secondary liver cancer. Primary liver cancer is a comparatively rare but dangerous condition that initiates in the liver, unlike secondary liver cancer, which results when the disease manifests in another body organ and then affects the liver.

    Treatment Options

    Unlike other malignancies, liver cancer is compounded by the fact that the organ’s functionality is restricted, as most patients already have some extent of the damage. Therefore, decreased liver function might be a factor when selecting a course of liver cancer treatment. Doctors use a practical system to decide on the best treatment for liver cancer. Stage I and some stage II cancers that may be treated surgically or by transplantation utilise the following treatment options.

    Possibility Of Resection Of Cancer

    • A partial hepatectomy (surgery) may help with the cure if your cancer is in its early stages and the rest of your liver is healthy. Unfortunately, only a small portion of liver cancer patients come under this category.
    • Further, the size of the tumour, involvement of liver vessels and other factors like liver functions could impact the outcome.
    • In some cases, with early-stage liver cancer and unhealthy liver, a liver transplant might be an additional choice.
    • Unfortunately, potential liver transplant recipients may have to wait an extended period for a liver to become available.

    Inoperable Liver Cancer That Cannot Be Resected

    Cancers that have not progressed to local lymph nodes or other body regions and cannot be safely removed by partial hepatectomy come under this category. This could be if the tumour is too large and unsafe for removal or if its location in the liver makes removal difficult. Also, liver resection is not considered if the liver has multiple tumours in both lobes of the liver or when surgery is not regarded as appropriate, keeping in mind the person’s health or medical co-morbidities.

    Other Treatment Modalities

    They are available in such situations as embolisation and ablation (s), radiation therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, systemic chemotherapy, and chemotherapy administered via hepatic artery infusion. Some of these treatments for liver cancer treatment may shrink the tumour to the point of making surgery more feasible.

    While there is less probability that these treatments would be able to cure cancer, however, it can help patients lessen liver cancer symptoms and live longer.

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