How to obtain Mallowsweet Leaves in Hogwarts Legacy

    Hogwarts Legacy consists of many intricate gameplay mechanics like brewing potions, learning spells, and solving puzzles. The title also features Merlin’s Trials that test players’ puzzle-solving skills and spell knowledge. To access them, players will require Mallowsweet leaves.

    These leaves can be obtained from Nora Treadwell at first, marking the introduction to Merlin’s Trials. She gives them to the protagonist as a token of gratitude for saving her from enemies. For the rest of the game, players can acquire them in two ways:

    • Buying from the Magic Neep store.
    • Sowing Mallowsweet seeds to grow the plant and then harvesting its leaves.

    Acquiring Mallowsweet leaves in Hogwarts Legacy

    Hogwarts Legacy introduces you to many of its elements via a thematic tutorial, and the Merlin’s Trials are no exception. You will hear the screams of a woman in the Lower Hogsfield area and find Nora Treadwell fending off some enemies. After you rescue her, she reveals that she is a researcher trying to find clues about the wizard named Merlin.

    After she tells you everything about Merlin’s Trials, you can activate them with Mallowsweet leaves. You get the first set of these leaves from a chest beside Nora’s tent, and you must use them in the trial by pressing the square button (PlayStation 5). Then, cast the Incendio spell to light up the spot.

    After completing the quest, you have to acquire Mallowsweet leaves on your own. The easiest thing would be to buy these leaves from the Magic Neep store in the northwestern part of Hogsmeade as it stocks all Herbology items. You can buy various plants and seeds here by interacting with Timothy Teasdale.

    Mallowsweet leaves will cost you 100 Galleons. They are not very expensive, so you can buy multiple and stock them. Alternatively, you can purchase Mallowsweet Seeds for 200 Galleons and sow them at a Potting table in the Room of Requirement.

    You can find the Magic Neep store in the Northwest part of Hosgmeade (Image via WB Games)

    You can plant them in multiple pots in the Room of Requirement (if you have conjured them in the room) and reap a bunch of Mallowsweet leaves after ten minutes. This technique will save you time and multiple trips to the Room of Requirement.

    If you wish to ignore this process altogether, you can try to farm Galleons quickly. This way, you can purchase tons of Mallowsweet leaves and never resort to planting their seeds.

    Mallowsweet leaves cost 100 Galleons (Image via WB Games)

    If you follow these methods, you will always have a steady supply of Mallowsweet leaves. Whenever you stumble upon Merlin’s Trials while exploring the open world, you can benefit from them quickly. They are located at the green leaf blips on your map and appear as stone circles on the ground. Cast the Revelio spell to light up your surroundings and easily locate them.

    Refer to the field guide to track challenges (Image via WB Games)

    You shouldn’t ignore the trials since completing them nets you additional gear slots. Your character starts with twenty slots in their inventory, and you can acquire twenty more by completing the challenges pertaining to Merlin’s Trials.

    In Hogwarts Legacy, you can track them in the Exploration menu in the Challenges section of the Field Guide, a main menu that acts as a compendium of all your stats, talents, challenges, and game progression.You can upgrade your talents, track challenges, and even change outfits from there.

    Hogwarts Legacy is ripe for exploration and incentivizes players to uncover the secrets tucked away in the world. One can use a flying broom or mount a magical beast to take flight and traverse the different places in Hogwarts Legacy.

    Hogwarts Legacy has arrived on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC with positive reviews. Players on last-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One can only get the game from April 4, 2023. Nintendo Switch users have a prolonged waiting period until July 25, 2023.

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