Rakhi Sawant’s first husband says he knows how she landed in mess with Adil | Bollywood

    Rakhi Sawant‘s former husband, Ritesh Raj Singh, has opened up about the recent troubles in her life, and added that she is important to him. In a video that he posted on Instagram early Thursday, Ritesh talked about Rakhi and her second husband Adil Durrani, who is currently in jail after she accused him of domestic violence and mishandling of her funds. (Also read: Rakhi Sawant faints while talking to media after arrest of husband Adil Khan)

    In his Instagram post, Ritesh clarified that he had no intentions of getting back with Rakhi, neither did he nurture any animosity against Adil.

    Elaborating on his post, Ritesh told ETimes, “Rakhi has to speak. I know how she landed in the mess, but it is she who should speak up first. Then, I will come in. I know everything. And look, people are wondering how it could happen to Rakhi once again. To be honest, didn’t it happen to me twice, something very similar? Does that mean I am wrong? Similarly, Rakhi is not wrong. And, she is very important to me. After my parents, it is she who has given me so much love and care.”

    He also revealed that Rakhi had talked to him about Adil abusing her, and added that he had advised her to get a guy ‘jo tujhe sambhal sake (who can take care of you)’. “As far as I am concerned, Rakhi knew everything about me, beforehand. So, I was never cheating her. No, I have ended my love life. I am a very emotional person. I don’t want to undergo pain again. Also here let me tell you, I never cheated on Rakhi,” he said.

    Rakhi also shared a glimpse of Ritesh’s interview on her Instagram Stories late Thursday. Adil was arrested earlier this week and is currently in judicial custody. An ANI report quoted Rakhi as saying that Adil frequently “visits my home and gives threats”. In the media interaction, she also claimed that Adil has broken up with her and was living with his girlfriend.

    In the video that he posted Thursday, Ritesh had said, “People started doubting Rakhi and her intentions, that is why I spoke up now. Certain people, not the general public, but certain people from Pakistan speak (with an agenda) against the wrong things that happen in our country.” He also said that initially it was difficult to believe that someone could beat up Rakhi, because she is a very strong woman.

    He also urged everyone to believe Rakhi, adding that he may have separated from her but situations and a few other people involved were to be blamed for that. Rakhi Sawant had introduced Ritesh to the public as her husband on Bigg Boss 15. However, she later claimed that he was already married with a wife and kids; adding that their marriage was void.

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