How to obtain Dittany Leaves in Hogwarts Legacy?

    Hogwarts Legacy comprises thematic game mechanics to make Potterheads feel right at home. Fans can explore Hogwarts castle, fly around on the magical broom and meet interesting characters along the journey. The wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy is not short of peril. Players will need various potions to win their battles. Brewing them requires a certain set of ingredients.

    Dittany leaves are some of the most important ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy. It is one of the components necessary for crafting the health potion. Players can buy them from The Magic Neep, one of the Hogsmeade stores. Dittany Leaves cost 100 Galleons. Alternatively, one can purchase Dittany seeds for 350 Galleons and then grow the plant at the Potting table.

    Note: Minor spoilers for Hogwarts Legacy will follow. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Acquiring Dittany leaves in Hogwarts Legacy


    Hogwarts Legacy allows you to brew potions that help regain health and boost defense stats. Wiggenweld potion rejuvenates your health. It requires gathering Horklump juice and Dittany leaves. You will be first introduced to Dittany leaves in the Herbology class. Professor Garlick teaches students to plant the Mandrake root as part of a cutscene. Soon after that, she asks you to plant Dittany seeds.

    As mentioned earlier, you can buy the seeds from The Magic Neep store in Hogsmeade or purchase the leaves for 100 Galleons. If you wish to buy the seeds, you can spend 350 Galleons.


    Once you have the seeds, you can plant them in a pot. You will require a potting table to grow the Dittany plant. You can craft it in the Room of Requirement using the Conjuring spell. It takes ten minutes for a Dittany plant to grow. You can harvest the leaves once the plant is fully grown.

    After completing the Herbology class, you can attend the Potions lesson. During this quest, you will learn how to brew potions. You get access to the Potion station, a cauldron that brews potions. You are then free to use this station or craft your own station in the Room of Requirement.


    The Wiggenweld potion requires one Horklump juice and one Dittany leaf. It is a crucial liquid that will replenish your health in battles. The brewing time of this potion is fifteen seconds. It is thus wise to head to the Room of Requirement after gathering a sufficient amount of Dittany leaves and Horklump juice and brew multiple bottles of this health potion.

    Hogwarts Legacy features a vast open world filled with enemies that will test your combat skills. Apart from spells, you can resort to the various potions in the game. You won’t just be fighting enemies, as the world is packed with mysteries, puzzles, and exploration areas. Having the Wiggenweld potion on your side is thus a good strategy.


    If you find yourself short on coins, refer to this guide for farming Galleons faster. Therefore, you will have sufficient coins if you want to buy a potion instead of purchasing individual ingredients. You can purchase a Wiggenweld potion from J.Pippin’s potion store in Hogsmeade for 100 Galleons.

    Hogwarts Legacy boasts many side quests you can immerse yourself in. They reward experience (XP), which helps you level up faster. Leveling up rewards you with talent points which can then be invested in talents like Core, Stealth, Dark Arts, Spells, and Room of Requirement.

    The magical RPG has dropped on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Fans are excited to delve into Hogwarts Legacy owing to positive reviews. It is the center of expectations for eagle-eyed Harry Potter fans who will nitpick the game while fondly looking out for callbacks to the franchise.

    Hogwarts Legacy will be elusive for last-gen console owners since it releases a couple of months later, on April 4, 2023, on PS4 and Xbox One. The real test of patience is for Nintendo Switch players, who will have to wait until July 25, 2023, for the game’s eventual release.

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