How can GTA Online players get Valentine’s Blazer and Pendant with the latest update? (February 10-15)

    With the latest weekly update on February 9, 2023, Rockstar Games released the Be My Valentine update in GTA Online. This is a one-time event that will last until February 15, 2023, before the next weekly update is released.

    Although the Classique Broadway vehicle stole most of the limelight, the gaming studio released two Valentine’s Day-themed apparel in the multiplayer game as well. These are limited-edition collectibles that add to the spirit of the season of love, or as Rockstar describes it:

    “The building blocks of any suitable date-night outfit.”

    Unfortunately, many players are perplexed about how to obtain them in GTA Online. This article explains how players can collect all Valentine’s Day-themed apparel while they’re still available in the game.

    Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer’s opinions.

    How to unlock Valentine’s Day-themed clothing in GTA Online in 2023

    Rockstar Games released the Valentines Blazer and Heartbreak Pendant alongside the recent weekly update of Grand Theft Auto Online. These are available for free and can be obtained before the next weekly update.

    To obtain these clothing items, log into the multiplayer game between February 10 and February 15, 2023, and you will see two notifications in the bottom left corner above the mini-map:

    • Clothing Unlock Valentines Blazer
    • Clothing Unlock Heartbreak Pendant

    If you don’t receive the notifications right away, you must wait a few minutes or engage in other activities that lead to GTA Online autosaving your progress. Once you receive the notifications, head to any nearby clothing store and follow the steps described below:

    1. Walk to any section and access the store interaction menu.
    2. Select the Tops option.
    3. Scroll down the list to the Loungewear category, where your reward should be in the twenty second position.
    4. Scroll down and choose the Valentines Blazer option. Once it’s unlocked, it should be in the second position.

    Similarly, GTA Online players can obtain the Heartbreak Pendant from any clothing store in Los Santos and Blaine County. To obtain it, follow the steps given below:

    1. Select the Accessories option in the store interaction menu.
    2. Open the chains list, which can be found at the top of the list.
    3. Scroll down and select the Heartbreak Pendant option. It should be in the seventeenth position on this list.

    Once you obtain them both, they’ll be added to your wardrobe, allowing you to access them later from your safehouse or apartment.

    Other free items in GTA Online this week

    The Be My Valentine update has added several free items to the game, which players can collect before the game resets with the next weekly update. After obtaining these clothing items, proceed to the nearest Ammu-Nation Store to obtain the Gusenberg Sweeper submachine gun for free.

    The gun was originally released as part of the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special title update back in 2014, and Rockstar Games has temporarily made it free for all GTA Online players with the most recent weekly update.

    Following this, head to The Diamond Casino & Resort in East Vinewood near the Los Santos Freeway and spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance to win the Albany Roosevelt. If you don’t win on the first try, you can return after 24 real-life hours to try once again.

    GTA Online players can also compete in Pursuit series races and finish in first place for two days in a row to win the Obey 8F Drafter from the LS Car Meet.

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