GSMArena labs: We are launching a 3D size comparison tool

    For years now we have felt the need for way to compare the relative sizes of different phones. We looked into making tool with static images, but that never seemed like the right solution. Instead, we worked with our partners at Binkies 3D to build on the 3D viewer we launched a few years ago to let you view two phones side by side and examine them from all angles.

    You can pick from a list of over 700 (and growing) phones and view them side-by-side with another phone. Just use our regular compare feature, putting the iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy S23 side by side, for example, and you will see the new 3D Size Up buttons that let you jump straight into 3D view.

    Note: our desktop site can show the specs of up to three phones – there are buttons that let you compare any two of them in 3D with a single click.

    We have also included a live demo below to help us explain a few features. First is the Full Screen button in the bottom right corner. This view also brings up four buttons that let you quickly jump between frontal, back and side views.

    If you’re not seeing anything above, there are a few potential issues. The demo above will not work if you’re reading this on the AMP version of our site, use this link to jump straight to the 3D size comparison page. Another potential issue occurs in Chrome – the 3D renderer doesn’t work if you have hardware acceleration disabled (look for “Use hardware acceleration when available” in the Settings).

    Another neat thing is that you can switch between different color options for the two phones. The models from Binkies 3D recreate the colors, gradients and surface finish of phones so you can see how each element – be it metal, glass or plastic – catches the light as you spin them around.

    Since this is rendered in 3D, you have the freedom to view the phones at any angle. This lets you examine differences that are hard to convey using static photos. The curvature of a phone’s screen (and back) – check out the Find X5 Pro vs. Galaxy S23 Ultra, for example.

    Once you are on the Size Compare in 3D page you can use the search fields easily swap out one model for another. The search on this page is filtered so you only see phones that have 3D views available. Go ahead and explore.

    Let us know what you think of our new 3D size compare tool in the comment section below. Also comment if you encounter any issues or have suggestions.

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