Overwatch 2 plans monetization changes in Season 3, players to receive up to 1500 Free Credits

    Overwatch 2 will soon see intriguing changes to its monetization system that will allow budget-conscious players to earn in-game currency through missions. These changes are scheduled to appear with Season 3, which is expected to drop on February 7, 2023.

    The upcoming season is set to reintroduce Overwatch Credits, an integral part of the monetization system that prevailed in the 2016 game. Presently, there is no way for players to earn in-game currency in Overwatch 2. However, with Overwatch Credits coming into the picture, players will soon be able to earn their way to premium cosmetics.

    Overwatch 2 Season 3 will add integral changes to the Hero Gallery and let players earn a free legendary skin


    Overwatch 2 will soon adopt interesting changes to its Hero Gallery. For starters, all epic and legendary skins from before the game’s launch will be available for purchase in the Hero Gallery throughout the year. This also includes skins from seasonal event modes.

    Players can use Overwatch Coins or Credits (to be introduced) to buy such skins. In addition, Blizzard is set to reduce the price tags on legendary skins to 1500 Coins or Credits, thus making them more accessible.

    With Season 3’s arrival, Legacy Credits will become Overwatch Credits, similar to the 2016 game. Moreover, players will be entitled to earn 1500 Overwatch Credits as free rewards, which they can grab by completing in-game missions.

    Those who purchase the Battle Pass will be eligible to earn an additional 500 Overwatch Credits as premium rewards spread throughout the Season 3 Battle Pass.

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    With the aforementioned changes coming into effect, players can earn up to 1500 Overwatch Credits for free every season, starting Season 3. Hence, they can technically earn themselves a legendary hero skin for free every season.

    Furthermore, Blizzard promises to add more updates to the monetization system in the future, depending on popular community feedback. The popular video game publisher assured:

    “These changes aren’t the end of our journey to make Overwatch 2 a more rewarding game to play – they’re just the beginning.”

    Overwatch Credits and Loot Boxes were sunsetted with Overwatch in 2022. That said, veteran players who had some of the premium currency left in their old Overwatch accounts were able to retrieve their balances as Legacy Credits in the sequel.

    With Blizzard restoring the old currency type to the popular hero shooter, Overwatch 2 will feature a secondary in-game currency besides Overwatch Coins. This will unlock a new way for players to own in-game content and even earn a few items for free.

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