Destiny 2 Cataclysmic god roll guide for PvE and PvP 

    In Destiny 2’s ongoing Season of the Seraph, the Linear Fusion Rifles are providing players with ridiculous damage numbers against end-game bosses. Be it a normal or a Master Raid, certain perks can immensely boost a player’s damage output. The Cataclysmic Linear Fusion Rifle is a prime example of this, and is currently considered to be one of the most powerful weapons available in the game.

    The following article lists out the best perk combinations in the Cataclysmic Linear Fusion Rifle from Vow of the Disciple. It is a Solar Precision Framed weapon, which can be crafted by acquiring five deepsight versions from one of the chests or by spending Spoils of Conquest from the final chest.

    Disclaimer: This article is subjective and relies solely on the writer’s opinion.

    Best perk combinations on Destiny 2 Cataclysmic Linear Fusion Rifle

    1) How to get it and its usage


    Cataclysmic has a chance to drop from two encounters in Vow of the Disciple Raid, namely the Acquisition (first encounter) and the Caretaker (second encounter). A guide to both encounters can be found within the links mentioned above, as other weapons in the loot pool include Submission, Deliverance, Insidious, and Forbearance.

    As mentioned earlier, Cataclysmic’s primary usage deals increased precision damage to bosses and elites. Certain perks such as Bait and Switch, Focused Fury, and High-Impact Reserves can further amplify the base damage of this archetype.

    Being a Raid perk, Bait and Switch can only be found in Vow of the Disciple weapons, making Cataclysmic the only Heavy weapon with a perk in the current Destiny 2 sandbox.

    2) PvE god roll

    Cataclysmic PvE god roll (Image via Destiny 2 Gunsmith)
    Cataclysmic PvE god roll (Image via Destiny 2 Gunsmith)

    For the majority of the community, Cataclysmic is considered to be one of the most powerful Linear Fusion Rifles in the game. Due to its craftable nature, players can even obtain this weapon with enhanced perks, enjoying superior performance as a result. The best perk combinations in Cataclysmic for Destiny 2 PvE are as follows:

    • Fluted Barrel for increased Stability and Handling.
    • Enhanced Battery for increased magazine size.
    • Fourth Time’s the Charm for getting back two rounds in the magazine after hitting four shots.
    • Bait and Switch for 35% increased damage after dealing damage with other weapons. While the normal perk stays for 10 seconds, players will get 11 seconds of duration with the enhanced perk.

    The damage rotation while using this particular weapon should be as follows:

    • Damage a boss or an elite with a special weapon.
    • Follow it up with a few bullets of the primary weapon.
    • The Bait and Switch perk on the Cataclysmic will activate after firing one ammo of the Heavy weapon on the boss.
    • Repeat this process once the buff wears off.


    The recommended weapons to perform this on a boss are Witherhoard, alongside any Primary weapon in the energy slot. The Exotic Grenade Launcher will continue to damage the boss, as players can further damage them with any primary weapon and follow it up with a shot from Cataclysmic to activate the perk.

    3) PvP god roll

    Cataclysmic PvP god roll (Image via Destiny 2 Gunsmith)
    Cataclysmic PvP god roll (Image via Destiny 2 Gunsmith)

    Although Cataclysmic isn’t the most-used weapon in PvP, here are its perks that will be extremely useful during one-on-one engagements:

    • Arrowhead Brake for Handling and Recoil.
    • Accelerated Coils for increased Impact and reduced charge time.
    • No Distractions for a reduced flinch.
    • High Impact Reserves for 3% to 6% damage during the end of the magazine.

    The Successful Warm-Up perk is another decent perk option.

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