Snake Bites Man In Australia After He Accidentally Steps On It, Hospitalised

    Snake Bites Man In Australia After He Accidentally Steps On It, Hospitalised

    The viper was an Eastern small-eyed snake, which is highly venomous

    When it comes to Australia, snakes can be found just about anywhere. A cause of major concern in the country, residents often spot these creepy reptiles lurking around in their homes and offices. Recently, one such intruder sneaked into a man’s home in Hervey Bay, Queensland. The man spotted the snake after he accidentally stepped on it in his own home. In response, the snake bit him, after which he was rushed to the hospital, Newsweek reported.  

    Before heading towards the hospital, the victim caught the snake in a jar to show his doctors what had bitten him. Snake-catcher Drew Godfrey was also called to help remove the reptile, and they confirmed that the viper was an Eastern small-eyed snake, which is highly venomous. Their bites can be fatal if untreated. 

    Hervey Bay Snake Catchers described the incident in a Facebook post, “Hectic call out tonight from the hospital. A bloke has come in with a snake bite after he stepped on it. He managed to bring the snake with him! We were told over the phone that it was a juvenile red-bellied black. Being late at night our suspicions were that it wasn’t a small red belly but a smaller and much more venomous species, the eastern small-eyed snake. Upon arrival our suspicions were confirmed, it was a small-eyed!”

    See the post:

    ”Thankfully he’s done the right thing and gone to the hospital. With the correct first aid and medical treatment, it’s actually hard to die from a snake bite these days so old mate should hopefully be just fine. We wish him all the best,” the post added. 

    They also shared pictures of the snake after it was caught. According to Newsweek, the species can be found along the east coast of Australia, from Cape York to Melbourne. They are often mistaken for juvenile red-bellied black snakes due to their dark grey colouration with a deep pink belly. Their venom is a myotoxin that attacks the muscle tissue, including the heart muscle. 

    “Eastern small-eyed snakes are quite common but very small, secretive and nocturnal so they are rarely seen,” Mr Godfrey told Newsweek

    A few days back, a receptionist working in an office in Sydney was left terrified after she spotted an Eastern Brown snake lurking in one of the printers. Sydney-based snake rescuers from Australian Snake Catchers were immediately called to remove the reptile safely. 

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