Ola S1 rider suffers serious injuries as front suspension breaks after a high impact

    Ola Electric‘s S1 is one of the top-selling electric two-wheelers in the Indian market, but much like other EVs made by startups and relatively newer brands in the market, the S1 has also had its fair share of issues. One such common issue has been the breaking of the scooter’s front suspension, tons of cases of which have been reported in the past.
    In yet another incident of the front suspension breakage, a rider seems to have suffered severe injuries after falling from the scooter while it was in motion. As per a tweet by Samkit Parmar that has now been deleted, his wife was riding her Ola S1 electric scooter at a speed of about 35 kmph when the front wheel broke out of the suspension, resulting in the rider being thrown away in front.
    Parmar had claimed that his wife was in ICU because of the tragic incident. In another tweet dated January 25, he said that his wife is doing better now, and thanked Ola Electric service and customer support teams for their “prompt response, constant support and empathy”.
    Take a look at the original tweet below –

    Ola incident

    Both the Ola S1 and S1 Pro are equipped with a single fork suspension at the front, while the more affordable S1 Air launched last year makes use of a conventional telescopic (twin) fork unit. The rear-end makes use of a monoshock on the S1 and S1 Pro, while the S1 Air gets dual shock absorbers instead.
    Ola Electric released a statement after the incident saying “Our preliminary investigation into the recent incident and our analysis has revealed that this was a case of a very high impact road accident. We are in touch with the customer and have extended all necessary support to the family. We are happy to share that the rider is safe and recovering.”
    “We have more than 150,000 vehicles running on the road and we have observed this in extremely isolated cases of high impact accidents involving the front fork arm, which is designed with a factor of safety that is 80% higher than typical loads encountered on vehicles. To alleviate any concerns of our community members, we would be happy to get your scooter checked through our service network,” the statement added.
    Considering the gruesome facial injuries, it is not clear if the rider was wearing a helmet at the time of the unfortunate accident or not. That said, TOI Auto urges all its readers to wear a full-face helmet at all times while riding a motorcycle or a scooter and also follow each and every traffic rule, including driving/riding as per the mandated speed limits.

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