GTA Online Gun Van location for today, January 25, 2023

    GTA Online’s Gun Van has changed its location in the game once again to avoid the attention of cops and smoothly continue selling illegal weapons. It keeps the business mobile and offers an arsenal of items at discounted prices. More often than not, it can be found in areas of the game rarely visited

    The vehicle’s icon will only appear on the map once players find it. Getting that to happen can be frustrating, as the title doesn’t offer any hints as to where the car can be spotted if you aren’t a GTA+ member. To help players in their search for the automobile, this article will share the exact location of the GTA Online Gun Van for today, January 25.

    GTA Online Gun Van can be found at Hookies in the North Chumash location

    As shown in the above video, the GTA Online Gun Van can once again be found near Hookies in the North Chumash location of the game. Players can spot it on the Great Ocean Highway on the map’s Blaine County side.

    Hookies is a family seafood restaurant that also acts as a distribution source of methamphetamine in the game. The Gun Van is behind it in the parking lot, away from the running traffic of the nearby highway.

    As soon as gamers start approaching it, the seller will open its back doors, giving players the chance to interact with them and purchase various available items on sale. Today is the last day to buy the following weapons and armor at amazing prices before the list of items the van offers is shuffled with the upcoming weekly update:

    • Pump Shotgun – 10% off
    • Tear Gas – 15% off
    • Heavy Revolver – 10% off
    • Light Armor – 20% off
    • Up-n-Atomizer – 10% off
    • Advanced Rifle – 10% off
    • Super Heavy Armor – 20% off
    • Baseball Bat – Free
    • Railgun – 10% off
    • Pipe Bomb – 15% off
    • Standard Armor – 20% off
    • Super Light Armor – 20% off
    • Knife – 10% off
    • Molotov Cocktails – 15% off
    • Knuckle Duster – 10% off
    • Heavy Armor – 20% off
    • Heavy Rifle – 25% off

    Additional discounts are available for GTA+ members, and they can also see the Gun Van location on the map all the time.

    More to know about North Chumash in GTA Online

    North Chumash is considered a small unincorporated area in GTA Online. It has Fort Zancudo to its north, Mount Josiah to its west, and the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness in its southwest direction.

    Players can often find non-playable characters engaged in a race on the beach using the NPC Sanchez or Blazer during the evening hours of 3 pm-10 pm. It begins at Fort Zancudo’s side of the area and concludes at the Raton Canyon end. Many canvas gazebos and umbrellas can be seen in the area, along with beach fires on each end.

    Since the release of the game’s expanded edition, players can find Canis Kalahari and BF Bifta modified by NPCs at the finish line of the race. Players can visit the area during the Dirt Road in GTA Online. A two-car garage next to Hookies is available for purchase for a minimum price of $31,500.

    Hookies is the only available business in the North Chumash area and is a great location for the Gun Van to hide and continue its illegal activities in the game.

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