How to easily farm money in Fire Emblem Engage

    Fire Emblem Engage is the seventeenth entry in Nintendo’s long-running franchise. The tactical RPG is filled with activities, items to buy, outfits to try on, and numerous characters. Purchasing items in the game requires gold, thus, players will look to acquire it as quickly as possible.

    They can do so by deviating from the main story. Completing skirmishes and paralogues, defeating gold-corrupted enemies, and collecting spirits of the fallen are some ways players can smoothen their grind for money. Possessing extra gold in your wallet will give you an edge by easing your battles.

    Farm gold faster in Fire Emblem Engage


    You can keep playing the story in Fire Emblem Engage and earn gold. However, there are various weapons and accessories that you would want to have in your arsenal. The Fire Emblem series is known for its steep difficulty curve, and you must own the best weapons and items to succeed.

    Play skirmishes and training skirmishes

    Watch out for the skirmish icon on the map (Image via Nintendo)
    Watch out for the skirmish icon on the map (Image via Nintendo)

    Skirmishes are random side battles that players can participate in. The world of Elyos is filled with such encounters. Skirmishes are marked on the map, so they are hard to miss. You can even view the type of enemies you will face in a skirmish.

    This information will help you plan your battles accordingly. If you are concerned about the difficulty level, you can opt for training skirmish. Thus, if you wish to get a regular income stream, you should repeatedly participate in training skirmishes.

    Play paralogues


    You can take a break from the main story and engage in some side missions. Paralogues are low-stakes side quests where you can obtain some recruitable characters. These activities are also an excellent source of gathering gold.

    It is always rewarding to play a couple of main missions and then finish off some side content for a sufficient amount of gold to upgrade your arsenal. There will be instances where you might find a battle in the main mission too challenging. In such times, take a step back and knock off some side content to accumulate income and even have some characters by your side.

    Defeat Gold Corrupted foes

    Defeat Gold Corrupted enemies (Image via Nintendo)
    Defeat Gold Corrupted enemies (Image via Nintendo)

    If you are up for a challenge in Fire Emblem Engage, you can face Gold Corrupted enemies. These foes can be encountered in both skirmishes and paralogues. Defeating them yields a lot of gold, although some are difficult to beat. In the end, however, fighting them is worth the risk. The rate at which these enemies spawn depends on the donation level of each country.

    You have the provision to donate to each country in Elyos. You can do so by heading to Cafe Terrace in Somniel and interacting with the Bulletin Board. The donation amount is hefty (they start at 5000 gold), so if you are dedicated to farming gold via skirmishes and paralogues, you should consider donating.

    Gather the Spirits of the Fallen

    Collect spirits of the fallen (Image via Nintendo)
    Collect spirits of the fallen (Image via Nintendo)

    This requires you to have an existing subscription to Nintendo Online. The Spirit of the Fallen refers to other Fire Emblem Engage players who may have been defeated at a particular spot. To be able to collect them, you will have to wait until Chapter 6 since activating Spirits of the Fallen feature requires interaction with the Tower of Trials in Somniel.

    Fire Emblem Engage has many intricate mechanics that vividly alter the overall gaming experience. The title even has dedicated birthdays for many characters. Players are to constantly interact with the characters in the game and increase their bond level.

    Fire Emblem Engage also features a permadeath mode for veteran players. Nintendo is alluring fans of the series and newcomers alike by allowing them to change the difficulty as per their desire. The world of Elyos is vast, and there is something for every player in this tactical turn-based RPG.

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