Does Forspoken have multiplayer co-op?

    Forspoken is the latest entry from publishers Square Enix and developers Luminous Productions. It follows protagonist Frey as she is transported to another world and bestowed with awesome powers.

    Powered by the latest visual upgrades and an intriguing setting, it looks like a blast to play through in its action-packed, magical single-player campaign.

    The game was released on January 24, 2023, for the PlayStation 5 and PC, with pre-order bonuses available for redemption as well.

    Forspoken does not have any multiplayer or co-op modes

    The wait is over.Armed with an arsenal of powerful spells and a myriad of magic parkour abilities, it’s time to travel to Athia in #Forspoken.Out now on PS5 and PC.

    With the rise of multiplayer co-op in recent years, it is no surprise that players may want to play the latest AAA blockbusters with their friends. So, it is natural that they are curious if Forspoken had the same features too.

    Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that Forspoken has no mode other than its single-player campaign. Further, the developers haven’t mentioned that it will be added via a planned update as part of the post-game content either. So, while Forspoken doesn’t have multiplayer co-op at the moment, it is also safe to assume that it will not be added to the title in the future.

    More about Forspoken

    Forspoken is an action roleplaying title, with gameplay focused on style and fluidity. Players control Frey, a New Yorker who is whisked to a magical world where she is bestowed with powers, and must save the land of Athia from the tyrannical Tantas.

    The game features fluid traversal across a massive open world, with a narrative-driven adventure to boot. Frey can be leveled up in true JRPG fashion, earning experience points after a successful combat encounter. Players can also craft items and unlock new abilities to help with battles down the line.

    Forspoken is the debut project for Luminous Productions. It was assembled shortly after Final Fantasy XV and was known as Project Athia at the time. The title utilizes the latest graphical techniques and gameplay improvements.

    Games that are similar to Forspoken

    While Forspoken is an exciting entry from Square Enix, there exist other titles that can satisfy the community’s appetite for a magical setting:

    1) Skyrim

    The classical roleplaying title from Bethesda, Skyrim remains one of the most popular games that players still engage in, and it has an active modding community behind it as well.

    Set in a magical world, with a protagonist who is similarly whisked to a different world, Skyrim also has RPG elements, magical spells, and an intriguing story.

    2) Hogwarts Legacy

    Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming roleplaying video game from Avalanche Software and is set in the Wizarding World franchise of Harry Potter.

    Players will be able to control a fully customizable protagonist as they attend classes at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Meanwhile, they will become entangled in a plot that will threaten to tear the Wizarding World apart. It is scheduled for a February 10, 2023, release.

    3) Final Fantasy Series

    Final Fantasy is the source of inspiration for the title, and is one of the biggest series in recent years. The flagship offering from Square Enix, it is set in science-fantasy worlds, with each mainline entry focusing on its own protagonists and their universe.

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