BTS’s V (Kim Taehyung) wears a fan’s gift while wishing fans a joyous ‘Korean Lunar New Year’ in Weverse Live

    BTS member Kim Taehyung, aka V, sent Lunar New Year greetings in a new live video.

    On January 24, Taehyung surprised fans by appearing on his first Weverse live video for 2023 and updated everyone with what he’s been doing. He also shared some photos of Yeontan and his favorite fruit on his Instagram stories. 

    Taehyung showcased his barefaced visuals in the live broadcast and was as handsome as ever without any makeup on.

    Taehyung wished everyone a happy “Seollal” or “Korean Lunar New Year” and shared that he spent the holidays together with his family.

    He also revealed that he has been focusing on his health and getting as much rest as he could while working on his music from time to time.

    Taehyung also advised fans to dress warmly for the season and revealed that he spoke to Jin recently who was doing well while fulfilling his mandatory military service.

    Fans noticed that the GUCCI hot pink shirt Taehyung wore was a gift from a fan back in 2018 who wanted to see him in pink.

    Taehyung always cherishes the gifts fans have sent him over the years and wears them for many years. 

    Meanwhile, the bracelet Taehyung wore, which was still available during his live broadcast, was already ‘Sold Out’ by the time he went offline. 

    Fans dearly missed updates from Taehyung after he has been inactive for so long and were delighted that he finally came online. 

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