What is the sniffer in Minecraft? Everything you need to know 

    After winning the Minecraft Mob Vote in 2022 over the rascal and the tuff golem, the sniffer is set to debut in update 1.20. While much is still shrouded in mystery around the mob, more information is being made available as the update approaches.

    Information about the Sniffer was initially limited to what players saw in its Mob Vote videos, but Mojang has been gradually releasing more details. This is likely to generate excitement for update 1.20, but it also provides insight into the Sniffer’s in-game mechanics, lore, and behavior.


    There’s still a lot that the community doesn’t know about the sniffer, but there are certain aspects of this Minecraft mob that are known for certain.

    What is currently known about the Sniffer in Minecraft?

    A player build depicting the sniffer mob in Minecraft alongside one of its eggs (Image via u/DangerDiamond_ on Reddit)
    A player build depicting the sniffer mob in Minecraft alongside one of its eggs (Image via u/DangerDiamond_ on Reddit)

    Thanks to the trailers for the sniffer and the small details released by Mojang developers on social media, a clearer picture is coming into focus surrounding 2022’s Mob Vote winner.

    In particular, a video clip provided by the 3D artist Chiwi has brought plenty of new insight into how the sniffer will look and operate in the world of Minecraft. While the tweets provided by the artist are from a developmental build, it isn’t a stretch to assume that some of the info surrounding the sniffer will make it to update 1.20’s final release.

    Here’s an early in-game peek at the sniffer’s visuals! 👀Our team is really excited to share these with you 😊 Let us know what you think! Screenshots in thread 🧵

    I notice a lot of comments about the sniffer’s sadness, and I think that our team is happy to receive that feedback! ✨Their behavior and personality were always intended to express that 🙏

    From the Mob Vote trailers, Minecraft players have learned that the sniffer is a prehistoric mob that must be revived by finding its eggs in ocean ruins and hatching them. After the eggs are hatched, the sniffers will roam the environment, sniffing about for ancient seeds found in the game world. Once these seeds are found, the sniffer will dig them up, allowing players to collect and use them to grow new plants that are not currently available in the game.

    Based on the description of the sniffer in the Minecraft Launcher during the Mob Vote, it has been confirmed that it can be bred like many other in-game mobs. How this is achieved is yet to be revealed, but additional details may be available down the line as 1.20’s release draws closer.


    According to Chiwi’s screenshots and videos, the sniffer is also capable of taking a nap while it roams the environment. Considering the size of the creature, it seems understandable that it would need to rest every now and then. Chiwi also remarked that the somber appearance of the mob was by design and that the sniffer was apparently developed to be something of a sad, semi-solitary creature. Perhaps this is due to its status as a nearly extinct species and not having many other fellow sniffers to spend time with.

    Like many mobs, the sniffer appears to begin in child form when hatched before growing into a much larger adult. This was seen in its Mob Vote trailers as well, but Chiwi’s screenshots and videos have emphasized just how large the creature is. The base of its body is roughly two blocks high, making it quite large compared to most other mobs.


    Hopefully, Minecraft’s development team will offer the community a smattering of new hints and info on the sniffer in the coming days and weeks. Update 1.20 is slated to be released in the spring of this year, so there are still a few months left before the sniffer’s story and gameplay details come into focus.

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