GTA Online Gun Van location for January 23, 2023

    The GTA Online Gun Van sells some of the best weapons in the game daily. However, it changes its location every day to distract the police. Due to the illegal nature of the business, it makes sense for the seller to keep its location mobile throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. It is also the only place players can purchase the Railgun to this date.

    However, players have to find the vehicle first before claiming any discounts on the weaponry. To help the gaming community, this article shares the exact coordinates of the GTA Online Gun Van location today.

    GTA Online Gun Van can be found at Vespucci Beach today


    As guided in the above-mentioned video, players can find the GTA Online Gun Van near Magellan Avenue street at Vespucci Beach in the game. Players can find the vehicle in the parking lot of one of the area’s lanes.

    The Magellan Avenue’s exact coordinates lie between La Puerta, Los Santos, and Del Perro, Del Perro Beach of the Vespucci Canals. Rockstar has done an amazing job once again in randomizing the Gun Van’s location every day and using the less-visited corners of the map.

    Railgun is available exclusively from the Gun Van, along with many other weapons and armor, at discounted prices. The seller restocks items weekly, giving players a reason to find him again. Here is a complete list of weaponry available with it this week in GTA Online:

    • Pipe Bomb – 15% off
    • Up-n-Atomizer – 10% off
    • Tear Gas – 15% off
    • Railgun – 10% off
    • Knuckle Duster – 10% off
    • Baseball Bat – Free
    • Heavy Rifle – 25% off
    • Molotov Cocktails – 15% off
    • Knife – 10% off
    • Light Armor – 20% off
    • Standard Armor – 20% off
    • Pump Shotgun – 10% off
    • Advanced Rifle – 10% off
    • Super Light Armor – 20% off
    • Heavy Armor – 20% off
    • Baseball Bat – Free
    • Super Heavy Armor – 20% off
    • Heavy Revolver – 10% off

    GTA+ members get additional discounts on all available items every week. They can also notice the icon of the Gun Van on the map at all times.

    Everything to know about Vespucci Beach area of GTA Online


    Vespucci Beach is located in the Vespucci area of Los Santos, which is often crowded with NPCs during the day, as they sunbathe and walk along the beachfront. However, it’s a different scene at night as it becomes completely deserted except for some workers cleaning the area.

    Despite being located in the city, police may occasionally respond to crimes in the area. Players can find a Blazer Lifeguard driven by NPCs on the beach, along with some lifeguard guts evenly spread along the beach. Various lifeguards can also be seen sitting on the hut’s ramp with binoculars.

    It is also a spawn area for the following vehicles:

    • Blazer Lifeguard
    • Seashark
    • Sandking XL
    • Lifeguard

    The Gun Van will change its location again tomorrow after 7 am UTC. If players are looking to upgrade their arsenal of weapons, it is best to visit the seller and save money on each purchase.

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