Challenges In Mass Producing Rollable Display Phones

    Rollable Display Phones Pros and Cons

    Rollable display phones, with their ability to contract and expand their screen size, have been touted as a potential alternative to folding screen phones. However, recent reports suggest that mass production of these phones may be difficult in the short term due to several issues.

    OPPO Rollable Display Phones Prototype

    One of the main problems is that the flexible screen of rollable phones can have a short lifespan and produce too much rebound force. Additionally, the gap between the screen and the body of the phone can lead to a lack of dust and water resistance. Furthermore, if the stretching screen comes into contact with foreign objects, it can be easily damaged. These concerns must be addressed by manufacturers.

    Additionally, the unique design of rollable phones also poses challenges for software interaction. As a new form factor, the user experience will require significant changes and adaptation to make the most of the larger screen size. This includes issues such as transitioning between the folded and unfolded states, and how to utilize the advantages of the larger screen.

    These software issues will require significant effort from manufacturers to solve. Overall, it appears that mass production of rollable display phones may be hindered by these challenges.


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