Nadav Lapid reveals why he called The Kashmir Files ‘vulgar’, says ‘someone needs to speak up’

    Nadav Lapid called The Kashmir Files a vulgar and propaganda film. He defended his statement saying, “someone had to speak up.”

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    Mumbai ,UPDATED: Nov 30, 2022 09:49 IST

    Nadav Lapid defends his statement against The Kashmir Files.

    Nadav Lapid defends his statement against The Kashmir Files.

    By India Today Web Desk: Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid, who was a part of the jury at the 2022 International Film Festival of India, stirred a controversy after he called The Kashmir Files ‘vulgar and propaganda’ film. He made the statement during the closing ceremony of the film festival, held in Goa. The Vivek Agnihotri directorial was screened at the film festival alongside 14 other films. Since then, jury member, Sudipto Sen distanced himself from Nadav’s comment and the cast and crew of The Kashmir Files have slammed the Israeli filmmaker for making such a comment.


    Nadav has now responded to the criticism and mentioned that he found it paramount to speak about it. He explained that he was shocked at the movie justifying the Indian policy in Kashmir, and it has “fascist features”. The film is based on the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus in the 90s. Nadav shared that he wouldn’t be surprised if a film like this gets made in Israel as well in the coming years.

    He spoke to local press, Ynet, and mentioned that speaking and making a political statement like that was not easy. “I knew that this was an event that is terribly connected to the country, and everyone stands there and praises the government. It is not an easy position, because you are a guest, I am the president of the jury here, you are treated very nicely. And then you come and attack the festival. There was apprehension, and there was discomfort . I didn’t know what the dimensions would be, so I did it with some apprehension. Yes, I spent the day apprehensive. Let’s put it this way: I’m happy to be on my way to the airport now.”


    While the internet had exploded over the comment, Lapid mentioned that people had thanked him for speaking up after the ceremony. “It was a hall with thousands of people, and everyone was ecstatic to see the local stars and cheer for the government. In countries that are increasingly losing the ability to speak your mind or speak the truth, someone needs to speak up. When I saw this movie, I couldn’t help but imagine its Israeli equivalent, which doesn’t exist but could definitely exist. So, I felt I had to, because I come from a place that is itself not reformed, and is itself on the way to these places,” he added.

    The Kashmir Files stars Anupam Kher, Darshan Kumaar, Pallavi Joshi, among others. The film was released in March this year and has collected more than Rs 300 crore worldwide.

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