How to show your iPhone’s battery percentage in iOS 16

    Battery percentage indicator is not exactly a new feature on iPhones. However, with the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple removed the battery percentage indicator from the home screen due to the limited real estate at the top of the display.

    Now with the latest iOS 16 updates rolling out, Apple reintroduced the battery percentage indicator on iPhones. This time around, the percentage indicator is located within the battery icon. If you have a modern iPhone running on iOS 16.1 or newer version, here is how you can show your battery percentage on your iPhone.

    How to enable the battery percentage indicator on iPhone

    Make sure that your iPhone is updated the iOS 16.1 or the newer version of the operating system. This feature works on all the iPhones including the iPhone SE 2022 with no notch, iPhones with a notch, and even the iPhone 14 Pro with the Dynamic Island.

    • Unlock your iPhone
      Go to Settings > Battery
      Enable battery percentage indicator

    Apple iPhone battery percentage indicator settings menu,

    Here is a screenshot (above) of the battery settings menu, which includes a tab to enable or disable the battery percentage indicator. With the latest iOS update, the battery indicator will also change colour depending on the battery percentage.

    When the iPhone is charging, the battery indicator will be green in colour. When the battery is at 100 per cent to 21 per cent, the battery indicator will be in white colour. Similarly, when the iPhone is in battery saver mode, the battery indicator will be yellow in colour. Lastly, when the battery percentage dips below 10 per cent, the indicator will turn red.

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