Horoscope Today: November 29, 2022 | Vogue India

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    Taurus, you take risks even though you understand that life does not come with guarantee cards. You put yourself out there despite the fact that you’ve been rejected many times over. You’re all kinds of courageous and that’s what makes you a precious child of the cosmos. Sagittarius, when they’re into you—when they’re really, really into you—there will be no room for guessing. You will feel secure in their presence and safe to take your armour off. So, tune into the intelligence of your body and trust what your gut is telling you at this time. Just a reminder: you are deserving of everything you have asked for and more. Pisces, life is *not* meant to be controlled. Life is not meant to be manipulated or micromanaged either. So, breathe and let go. Let go of your false sense of control as you jump back into the flow. You are where you are supposed to and you are stepping into the energy field of miracles right now!

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