Berkeley leads a ‘new era of innovation’ in quantum science, technology research


    UC Berkeley professors of physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and computer sciences discuss the importance of leading the way in quantum science and technology. (UC Berkeley video by Stephan McNally)

    What is quantum science? What type of innovations can come from researching it, and how can that technology impact our daily lives and the lives of future generations?

    For decades, UC Berkeley has invested in research around basic quantum science, building a strong foundation and rich ecosystem of more than a dozen institutes, groups and colleges across campus dedicated to its study.

    In this video, UC Berkeley professors highlight how Berkeley is a leader in quantum science and technology.

    “No one knows the full capabilities of quantum science and technology. We don’t know which materials and methods will power quantum computers, networks, sensors and devices,” said Berkeley Vice Chancellor for Research Kathy Yelick. “That uncertainty is a gigantic opportunity for basic research.”

    To learn more about UC Berkeley’s quantum science and technology research, visit the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences website.

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