Asian Tiger Mosquito: Man Undergoes 30 Surgeries After Getting Bitten

    Man goes into severe coma and undergoes 30 surgeries after getting bitten by the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

    Man goes into severe coma and undergoes 30 surgeries after getting bitten by the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

    Written by Kinkini Gupta |Published : November 29, 2022 8:13 PM IST

    A 27 year old man from Roedermark, Germany had to get 30 surgeries after getting bit by the Asian Tiger Mosquito. This man in question, was bitten by this mosquito in the summer of 2021 after which he had more than one life threatening experiences. The first symptom that he experienced was much like a flu but it only got severe after that. Two of his toes had to be amputed and he also had to undergo 30 surgeries. On top of that he was in a coma for almost four weeks. Not only that, he also suffered from blood poisoning and had to deal with liver, kidney, heart, and lung failure on several occasions.

    An abscess had formed in his thigh region which had to be removed and he had to also go under the knife for skin transplantation due to this. His chances of survival had become really slim because the malignant bacteria had eaten away almost halfway up his left thigh. This report was stated as per a tissue sample.

    All About The Asian Tiger Mosquito?

    This breed of Asian Tiger mosquito or known by its scientific name, Aedes Albopictus or forest mosquito is predominantly found in the to the tropical and subtropical areas of Southeast Asia. However, as per researchers, this particular species of mosquitoes has not only been found in Asian countries but also in parts of Europe and America.

    Why Is It So Deadly?

    This particular mosquito species is a host to numerous viral pathogens like Chikungunya fever, Yellow Fever virus, Zika Virus as well as Dirofilaria immitis. This mosquito is also a carrier of dengue fever, and a potential vector of encephalitis and dog heartworm which makes it twice as deadly as other mosquitoes. If bitten by this mosquito, health practitioners say that it could cause:

    • Severe dengue
    • Fluid accumulation
    • Respiratory distress
    • Severe bleeding
    • Organ impairment

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