Locally owned shops take advantage of Small Business Saturday

    Small Business Saturday saw a surge of customers for many of Tallahassee’s homegrown stores and shops. One of these was a store in Railroad Square that combined creativity and cats. The Fat Cat Book Store had invited a number of local entrepreneurs to set up shop amidst the book shelves and resident felines. Painter Ana Mendez had several works on display, all showing a firm command of natural realism.

    “I was really inspired one day. I was out in nature and I saw this yellow butterfly and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And then I love painting hearts and I made a heart-shaped-heart,” she explained, indicating a cardiac image which was medically accurate in every detail. Nearby, Ashley Green, the creator of Re-Candled-Kindled was showing off her handcrafted sources of illumination.

    “Each candle is extremely unique, specifically because of the vessel and the way the scent was forumulated in small batches with every customer in mind.”

    The American Express Company created the Small Business Saturday observance during the recession of 2010 in support of the nation’s small, independently owned retailers.

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