Largest active volcano erupts: Hawaii’s Mauna Loa: Largest active volcano in world erupts. Check latest updates

    It was a long break for a long mountain, as it is known in the local language. The last time Mauna Loa threw up was in 1984. But on Sunday night (11.30 pm local time or 4.30 am on Monday US- EST), the Earth‘s largest volcano erupted again. Fortunately for the residents of the big island, no loss of life was reported. The discharge flows are contained within the summit of the volcano.

    Authorities issued regular warnings

    According to information from local sources, the eruption on Sunday night followed weeks of regular warnings. The local Volcano Observatory officials indicated that an outbreak was forthcoming due to the several earthquakes signifying unrest. They also cautioned the residents to be prepared for any eventuality.

    Eruptions in the summit area

    The US Geological Survey has clarified that over half of the past eruptions of Mauna Loa happened in the summit area, which is about 55000 feet from the volcano’s base inside the sea.

    Japan’s Sakurajima volcano erupts again, rains ash and rocks down on residents

    Sakurajima erupts, again

    One of the most active volcanos of Japan, the Sakurajima volcano has erupted again. Located in Kagoshima Prefecture, it erupted around 8:05 p.m. local time (7:05 a.m. ET) on Sunday, prompting evacuations in the region. The eruption continued for the second straight day on Monday. Sakurajima, about 1,000 km (600 miles) southwest of Tokyo, is one of the most active volcanos in Japan and has repeatedly erupted. It used to be an island but became a peninsula following an eruption in 1914.

    The USGS Officials have also indicated that the lava flows in the past have rarely affected human lives in a significant way. Land and whatever comes in the path of the flow, however, is burnt and crushed.


    1. Where is the volcano Mauna Loa located?
      Mauna Loa occupy over 51 per cent of Hawaii Island. It is situated at 4170 m above sea level. The volcano is identified by its rounded slopes.
    2. How many times has Mauna Loa erupted?
      The volcano is estimated to be in existence for 3000 years. Since the beginning of modern measurements and data recording in 1843, it has thrown up 33 times. The last eruption in 1984 happened over three weeks.

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