Valley shoppers support local businesses throughout the valley on ‘Small Business Saturday’

    Small business owners are working relentlessly this holiday season. Along with Black Friday sales many of them are participating in ‘Small Business Saturday.’

    Several valley shoppers showed up for Saturday’s Art on the Main Street in La Quinta to do some holiday shopping.

    Among them was Peter Liljequist who says, “This is unique, you know, you have individual artists here and you find things here, you can’t find the department store or anywhere else. It’s a it’s one of a kind items. And that’s what we liked about it.”

    The outdoor market features several vendors selling a variety of products from jewelry to stationary.

    Lissa Malone, owner of Hand Sewn Stationary saw a rush of customers all throughout the morning.

    Malone sells her fabric notecards all throughout the valley, and says she say a positive response this Saturday.

    “I’m overwhelmed with the response. I thought it was going to be a nice turnout. I didn’t realize how good of a turnout,” says Malone.

    Molly Standley, owner of Molly Moon crafts also has a loyal clientele all throughout the valley.

    For ‘Small Business Saturday’ she set up a pop up shop at a neighborhood market in Palm Springs, instead of solely focusing on online sales.

    “I think with Black Friday, this year, I kind of had like that pressure, I have to almost compete with the bigger corporations and have these sales. And this year, I want to stay true to my values. And, you know, see where my clientele is and just promote that Saturday, we’re gonna be out here,” says Standley.

    Both business owners and shoppers alike seeing the value in shopping small.

    “Support your local business shop locally. If you don’t, they’re not going to be there. So keep that in mind, help the economy and have a great holiday,” says Liljequist.

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