PM all praise for hand loom weaver from Sircilla

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lavished praise on hand loom weaver from Sircilla, Veldi Hariprasad, during his monthly radio programme `Mann Ki Baat’.

    Mr. Hariprasad had sent a self-woven logo of the G-20 Summit. Mr. Modi praised the weaver saying he had a mastery over his skills and expressed surprise at the “amazing gift” that he had received from Mr. Hariprasad.

    In his words, Mr. Modi said: A weaver from Rajanna Sircilla district of Telangana, Veldi Hariprasad garu, has sent me a self-woven logo of G-20. I was surprised to see this amazing gift. He has such mastery over his skills that it attracts everyone. He also sent me a letter. He says that hosting the G-20 Summit next year is a matter of immense pride for India. To celebrate this achievement, he made this logo.

    He also stated that Mr. Hariprasad inherited this talent from his father and “today he is passionately practicing it.”

    Mr. Modi said many people like Mr. Hariprasad had sent letters to him saying that their hearts swelled with pride at the country hosting such a big summit. They highly appreciated India’s pro-active efforts regarding G-20,” Mr. Modi added.

    The Prime Minister said that he had the privilege of launching the G-20 logo and website of presidency of India, and the logo was chosen through a public contest.

    “When I received this gift sent by Hariprasad garu, another thought came to my mind,” he said.

    The Indian logo of G20 can be made, printed, in a very cool way, in a stylish way on clothes, he said.

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