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Funding announced to bolster two local police services technology


Police forces in Stratford and Guelph are getting new automated technology to read license plates.

Matthew Rae, MPP for Perth-Wellington, announced nearly $700,000 in funding for the police services to incorporate the technology in the fleets of both services.

The Stratford Police Service will be receiving $169,570 in funding to incorporate Automated License Plate Recognition Technology (ALPRT) into their fleet, while the Guelph Police Service set to receive $524,008.

“This funding will help provide our local police services with the tools they need to improve road safety in our communities,” said Rae in a news release. “The safety of our communities is paramount, that is why this investment is so important.”

The system associated with the technology alerts officers to plates that are stolen, expired or are registered to suspended drivers.

It can also help alert officers to people and vehicles associated with amber alerts.

The ALPRT grant is a one-time grant to help police services strengthen roadside law enforcement efforts and improve public safety across the province.

“This investment further demonstrates our government’s plan to ensure police services across Ontario have the resources and equipment they need to keep our communities safe,” said Solicitor General Michael Kerzner in the release. “I am confident that this tool will be a tremendous asset to police services and help them combat incidents of auto theft and enhance public safety.”

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