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5 simple tricks to improve your iPhone battery life


While Apple has steadily improved the battery life on the latest iPhones, as these devices get older, they tend to take a hit on the battery life. While there are plenty of ways to improve your iPhone’s battery life, they usually involve a complicated procedure that does not result in any major improvement in the battery life.

If you have been an iPhone user and looking for ways to improve battery life, then here are the five simple tricks that you can try on your iPhone, which will drastically improve the battery life, even on the older iPhone models.

Maintain good battery health

It is important to maintain the battery health of your iPhone to get an extended battery life. It is always recommended by experts to start charging your iPhone when it hits 25 percent. Similarly, only charging the battery up to 85 percent will help the iPhone’s battery to maintain good battery health and deliver extended battery life.

Do not use cases while charging

Apple officially recommends not using certain types of cases while charging. iPhones usually tend to get a bit hot while charging and Bulky cases could trap the heat inside, which will slow down the charging process at that moment. In the long run, this will also affect the battery health and charge-holding capacity of the iPhone.

Use battery saver

Using a built-in battery life on an iPhone is one of the quickest ways to improve your battery life. However, do note that an iPhone in battery saver mode might feel a bit choppy, and you might even miss some notifications.

Do not clear apps

If you have a habit of closing an unused app on your iPhone, then it is best to change that habit. While closing an app might seem like a good thing to do to save memory and processing power when you relaunch an app, it is likely to use more computing power and energy, hence, it will take a hit on the battery life. Keep all the apps running in the background, and iOS will take of it by restricting the resources when not in use.

Update to the latest iOS version

While there is a myth that software updates will decrease the battery life and will kill the performance of a device, there is no concrete evidence to prove the same. It is always recommended to install the latest software patch on an iPhone to get the best possible battery life on an iPhone.

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