Rishi Sunak’s Daughter Anoushka Performs Kuchipudi at London Event

    While Rishi Sunak has been making headlines in the political world recently, his daughter Anoushka Sunak has done the same in the world of arts and culture. In a show of her link to Indian heritage, the nine-year-old was seen performing the classical Indian dance Kuchipudi on Friday. Anoushka performed the Kuchipudi dance as part of ‘Rang’- International Kuchipudi Dance Festival 2022. Rang is the largest inclusive inter-generational celebration of this dance form in the UK. From young children to much older adults, several people from each generation take part in the festival. This year, the event was put together to mark [email protected]

    Anoushka was seen on stage with a group of other children performing the dance drama wearing a blue and green dance costume. She was on the stage at London’s “The Bhavan”. While Rishi Sunak himself was not present at the event, his parents and wife Akshata Murthy, the daughter of Narayana Murthy attended the dance event. Here’s a video shared by NDTV:

    There were nearly 100 artists whose ages ranged from 4-85 years performing at the event. Those participating in the event included elderly contemporary dance artists who were a part of the 65+ years performing group, wheelchair dancers with learning disabilities, international bursary students from Natarang Group, Poland, and live musicians.

    In an interview with India Today, Anoushka spoke about her love for Kuchipudi. “I love Kuchipudi and dancing, because when you are dancing all your worries and stresses go away and you are in the moment dancing with all your friends beside you. I love to be on stage,” she said.

    Anoushka was also quoted saying that India “is a place where family, home and culture blend together. I love going there every year.”

    Rishi Sunak, the 57th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has a special place in the hearts of many Indians. This is because Sunak is not only the first person of Indian origin to hold this office but also the youngest in the past 200 years.

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