PM Modi personally monitoring case, asked CBI & ED chiefs to find evidence against Sisodia: Kejriwal

    A day after the CBI submitted its chargesheet in the Delhi excise policy scam case, leaving out the name of Manish Sisodia, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal hit out at the BJP saying that his sources had told him that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was personally monitoring the case and had even met the CBI and ED directors, asking them to find evidence against the Deputy CM.

    Linking it to the upcoming elections in Gujarat and the Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief said that about 800 officers were deployed to find evidence against Sisodia but they managed to find nothing. “CBI has given clean chit to Sisodia. It is clear from their chargesheet that they couldn’t find an iota of evidence against him. Only one week is left for the elections. They (BJP) spread lies and only made huge claims.”

    Taking a dig at the Prime Minister, Kejriwal said: “It is being said that an additional supplementary chargesheet may be filed in the case. Humari jhanch to Pradhan mantri ji zindagi bhar karayenge. Jab tak hum zinda hai jaanch chalti rahegi (The PM will be probing us till we are alive). Investigation against us have been going on since we formed the government in 2015. All agencies have been entrusted with the duty of targeting us but none have been able to draw up a chargesheet against anyone.”

    He added: “My sources said, that Pradhan Mantri ji (PM) was personally monitoring the case and he used to meet the CBI and ED chiefs, directing them to do anything to find evidence against Sisodia. Today, we can proudly say before the country that Kejriwal kattar imandar hai aur humari party kattar imandar hai (Kejriwal and his party are honest).”

    The Delhi Chief Minister also had a piece of advise during his address for the Prime Minister. “Pradhan Mantri ji kehte hain aap 18 ghante Kam karte hain. 18 ke 18 ghante aap bas yahi sochte hain ki mai kis tarah se Kejriwal ko Roku kam karne se, kis tarah se Kejriwal mantriyon ko giraftar karun, kis tarah se khichad fekun. (The Prime Minister says that he works for 18 hours a day. What he actually does is that he plans for all these 18 hours ways to stop Kejriwal and arrest his ministers). I just want request you that of the 18 hours, if you will give at least two hours to the country, the country will progress and unemployment will end. Don’t be so negative. Be positive and think about the people of the country.”

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