Six Swedish firms to help Indian steel, cement, auto companies in green transition

    Sweden has announced the India-Sweden Green Transition Partnership (ISGTP) as part of the India-Sweden Sustainability and Green Transition Day to help Indian companies to achieve net zero goals. 

    Swedish officials said the objective is to build a sustainable and carbon-neutral future with India. The Embassy of Sweden in India, the Consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai, and Business Sweden are spearheading the green transition.

    The objective of ISGTP is to provide an exchange of green technologies and expertise as well as to foster innovation.

    Under the partnership, six Swedish companies — Absortech, Alfa Laval, Alleima, Hitachi Energy, KraftPowercon and SKF — will work with India’s companies in the cement, steel and automotive sectors to help curb emission.

    Cecilia Oskarsson, Trade Commissioner of Sweden to India said, “Key stakeholders across countries have to develop partnerships and work together as a collaborative to ensure that critical aspects of climate emergency, including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, development of circular supply chains, carbon footprint reduction for the existing production process are taken care of.”

    Anna Lekvall, Consul General of Sweden in Mumbai said, “Earlier this year, Team Sweden in India conducted a detailed survey to understand the Sustainability quotient of Swedish companies in India. We found that 8 out of 10 Swedish companies have already set carbon emission targets or have carbon neutrality commitments in place. Products from 8 out of 10 companies are deemed low carbon.”

    According to Jan Thesleff, Ambassador of Sweden to India, this platform is an example of how leading Swedish companies in India are joining hands with their Indian counterparts across sectors to collectively build a strong, green, and clean future. 

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